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Some Plumbing Every Homeowner Need to Know

It is very unlikely for homeowners not to experience plumbing problems over some times, some of the plumbing problems are easy to rectify where others may require the attention of experienced and skilled plumbers, however, some plumbing problems such as clogged sink, dripping faucets, leaking pipes among others can be easily corrected using simple plumbing skills and even hands because they do not require much plumbing skills. The need to learning basic plumbing should not be assumed, with basic plumbing knowledge it is easy to maintain simple plumbing problems at home and prevent them from becoming a great deal that needs the attention of a skilled and experienced plumber. This article highlights some common plumbing ideas you should know to help you address some basic plumbing issues at home.

One of the common plumbing issues many people experience at home is dripping faucets when you have a dripping faucet the chances are the leak is caused by a misplaced or worn-out washer, replacing the washer can solve the problem, a washer is a small and simple component that is cheap and costs a few cents at the local hardware, but before you buy a new washer first try to tighten the faucet with a wrench at the base with a wench, if the dripping persists you can now replace the washer if all these fixes fail perhaps it’s time to buy a new faucet.

Running toilet is another plumbing issue that gives most homeowners nightmares, this is a minor issue that can be rectified by replacing the flapper or the arm that holds the flapper up, it is very likely the running toilet is caused by the problem with the flapper, the chain may be in bad length or lose its integrity hence fail to seal the toilet tank appropriately, replacing flapper is easy and itself is cheap, all you need to do is to follow the installation guide that comes with the new flapper.

Another frequent plumbing problems most people experience is clogged sink, given the high occurrence frequency people use expensive chemicals to unclog them, however, this can be expensive over time and there are other simple and reliable ways to solve sink clogging issue, snake drain is the best thing to use to unclog the sink, all you need to do is to insert it, and it will come back out with the clog, the other ideal alternative to snake drain is the wet vacuum, both wet and dry vacuum can suck the clog from the sink if used correctly.

You need to know how to fix leaking shower heads, this can be done by wrapping the thread tape around the pipe and screwing back the shower head, it is a good practice to also scrub the shower head before screwing it back to remove possible deposits that may be blocking the spray. Those are few plumbing basics every homeowner should learn.

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